Second Income For Truckers Report

Attention Professional Truck Drivers!

The Second Income for Truckers Report is the only report of its kind that guides professional truck drivers through the basics of their situations and what to look for in setting up a business to earn a second income from the cabs of their trucks.

Second Income For Truckers Report

It has been written by Vicki Simons, a former trucker herself who became a trucker consumer advocate when she spearheaded in 2009.

Selected titles from the 21 sections of this report are:

  • Financial Reality for Today’s Workers
  • Fragile Trucker Income and When Income Stops
  • The Irreplaceable Commodity
  • Requirements for Starting a Business
  • Types of Work
  • Need-Meeting and Problem Solving
  • What Are Your Goals?
  • Your Unique Business
  • The Train Illustration
  • Begin With the End in Mind
  • Types of Home-Based Businesses
  • Start-Up Capital and Return on Investment
  • Time Management and Space Management
  • Call to Action

New material was added in 2023 to help truckers understand what is at stake for them regarding their financial futures.

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